Fortissimo 2 Call-1



This call for proposals targets the augmentation of the application experiments currently being carried out within Fortissimo 2 and Fortissimo focusing on modelling and simulation of coupled phenomena and high-performance data analytics and in all cases targeting benefits for engineering and manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps.

Priority will be given to experiments driven by the requirements of first-time HPC users. Experiments should develop clear exploitation paths ensuring business impact and wider subsequent use of the services and technologies developed. They should also investigate service deployment in the Fortissimo marketplace.


Key Call Details

Submission Deadline: 18th May, 2016, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Expected duration of participation: 1st November 2016 to 30th April 2018
Funding for Call-1: The indicative funding budget for Third Parties is € 1.31M

Maximum funding request per proposal: € 250,000 (covering all participants, i.e. both 3rd Parties and existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries)


Funding constraints: The maximum funding that can be allocated to any Third Party, across all experiments in which that Third Party is involved, is € 150 K. The participation of existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries across all selected experiments may not exceed 25% of the total funding assigned.


Expectations for new experiments

The expectations for the proposed experiments are that they should:

  • be complementary to those already included in Fortissimo 2, and to those from the original Fortissimo project;
  • contain all those actors in the value chain necessary for the realisation of services meeting the end-users' engineering and manufacturing needs;
  • use the (distributed) HPC resources already offered within the Fortissimo infrastructure to solve real world problems involving high performance data analytics or coupled simulation of physical phenomena.


The new application experiments should provide business relevant investigations and demonstrations of coupled simulation services or Big Data analytics in the Fortissimo HPC Cloud that have the potential to create business benefits for manufacturing SMEs. Priority will be given to experiments that are driven by the requirements of first-time HPC users and to those which involve SMEs and mid-caps.

A description of all current Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 experiments can be found here.


A full introduction of the current open call is downloadable as a PDF document.



  • Experiments will employ the Fortissimo HPC infrastructure by using the HPC Centres already involved in the Fortissimo 2 project.
  • The involvement of HPC or technology experts and ISVs already included within the Fortissimo consortium is also possible.


An overview of Fortissimo HPC Centres, with contact details, is provided here. Information about all existing Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 partners is available here.


Proposal Submission

Access to the proposal submission tool and detailed instructions for proposal submission, together with information about the evaluation criteria to be applied, FAQs and an evaluation check-list, are provided on the following webpage.