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CPU usage
ANSYS, MATLAB, Comsol, Gaussian, CP2K, Gromacs, Helyx, Lammps, Namd, OpenFOAM, Quantum Espresso, Star-ccm+, Vasp, various others.
Aeronautics , Automotive , Civil Engineering , Digital , Electrical Engineering , Energy , Health , Manufacturing , Maritime
0,04€ / hour

Accelerator is targeted at engineers and scientists solving complex simulation and modelling problems in fields such as BioInformatics, Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Life Sciences and Earth Sciences.

The Accelerator model is based on providing direct access to HPC platforms delivering the highest levels of performance. Unlike cloud-based services there are no inefficient virtualisation techniques deployed. The highest levels of data security are provided, and the service is administered directly by you using a range of administration and reporting functions. The service is fully supported with an integral help desk. EPCC support staff are available to help with usage problems such as compiling codes and running jobs.

Once set up with access to our Accelerator service you choose how much resource to use and when. Users have complete control over managing their project resources – jobs, disk space, and archiving. The Accelerator usage model is based on pay-per use service and provides an excellent alternative to purchasing expensive HPC hardware. The service can be used to satisfy contingency and peak demand requirements.

Acceleator will assist users to install and optimise their own software, or provide third-party software on your behalf.

Accelerator service billing is simple and straightforward: you pay for what you use and nothing more. Service administration functions provide access to a full range of resource usage reports that let you manage and control your project budgets.

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