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AIMEN - Design & Calculation services

AIMEN Technology Centre
ANSYS, OpenFOAM, Code_Aster, Fe-Safe, TOSCA, Maxwel, Sysweld
Civil Engineering , Energy , Manufacturing
80,00€ / hour
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Industrial plant projects

  • Calculation and mechanical design of equipment, according to ASME, AD2000 or EN13445
  • Calculation of metallic and non-metallic structures
  • Calculation of foundations for structures, equipment or machines
  • Piping design. Flexibility and stress analysis in pipes. Calculation of supports
  • Equipment and structures detailed engineering (2D / 3D)

Structural integrity

  • Fitness for service assessment: assessment on damage, mechanical integrity and remaining life, according to ASME FFS-1, API 579-1
  • Identification and analysis of causes of failure in service

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  • Design and optimization of components and systems
  • Process flow analysis

Calculation and product design

  • Mechanical calculations: static and dynamic
  • Thermal calculations
  • Combined solicitations


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