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ARCTUR HPC Consulting

Arctur d.o.o.
ANSYS, OpenFOAM, Paraview, Numeca CFD
Aeronautics , Civil Engineering , Energy , Manufacturing , Maritime , Other
65,00€ / hour

As we wish for your experience to be as care free as possible, we offer HPC consulting in combination with high priority computing.

HPC solutions vary based on your needs. Our HPC engineers will advise you to choose the optimal software and hardware solutions for your business needs. We always try to find the best fit for the user needs. Our consulting services range anywhere from selecting the right software solution to compiling and configuring the solution and even up to running and adapting the end-user solution. All services are offered and made to run on our newes Cloud-HPC infrastructure.

Arctur-2 is our flagship hyperconverged HPC & Cloud computing infrastructure. Is has been designed and built to fit various and diverse usage scenarios, from general use Cloud Computing to HPC computing as well as Big Data analytics. By converging different types of servers into single entity we achieved high performance, energy efficiency and seamless management, enabling us to provide excellent services to our customers.

Technical details:
- CPU cores from Intel Xeon E5 v4 CPUs
- 1 TB of memory per node with high memory-density nodes
- 8 TB and 224 CPU cores SMP system
- servers with multiple locally attached hard drives for Software Defined Storage and Big Data analytics
- GPU nodes with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
- 25/100 Gigabit Ethernet network from Mellanox
- 1.5 PB of distributed storage, based on Ceph tehnology
- multiple-tier block storage with all-flash arrays for cloud computing workloads


Consulting is done on a one-to-one basis so please visit our website to get more info on our offering and get in touch with us.

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