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Bar Bending Schedules Optimization

Software Development
Schnell Software
Rebar Web
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Schnell Software S.L. designs specialized software for steel cut and bend companies and develops software applications which optimize the elaboration process of iron for reinforced concrete.

In 2014 Schnell created Rebar Web, the first rebar detailing software in cloud, and now we have gone one step further in the market and we have given to Rebar Web a new additional function: the optimization of steel cutting. An adapted version of the optimization software has been developed which is able to run in a distributed Cloud HPC infrastructure.

The optimization is based on complex algorithms used in the investigation on physics and allows the users to optimize their schedules by diameter and obtain reports with the results. The operation of the tool is as simple as clicking a button to send the input files (the BBS – Bar Bending Schedules) and receiving the results of the optimization.

In this way, the users obtain the best possible combination of their orders and maintain scrap to a minimum in the cutting process, save time in the analysis of their production orders and in the preparing budgets. Besides they obtain a save in raw material and obtaining valuable support for the management of their reusable products. They are able to carry out a real simulation of a cutting process with minimal cost and effort.

With the new HPC Cloud Optimo version the results can be obtained three times faster for big orders.

You can try the web optimization service for free simply by registering as a user at . For more information, please contact us through the e-mail and we will offer you different packages of services adapted to your needs.

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