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CESGA Cloud services

CPU usage
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0,03€ / hour
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Maybe you are looking for a self-service Cloud environment to execute your HPC and HTC applications. CESGA can provide you with virtual machines ready to execute your jobs. CESGA’s Cloud infrastructure has a total of 72 servers, 1440 processor cores and 9.2 TB of memory. Virtual machines and user interfaces are provided using OpenNebula. This allows user to manage their virtual machines, being able to assign them more resources (memory, cores, or additional disks), and also to start and stop them. Once the virtual machines are running, the users will be able to access them through different protocols, protected with VPN, or they can connect directly using the build-in terminal access provided by OpenNebula.

Consumption is billed every three months on a pay-per-use mode, based on elapsed core hours, including all the executions ended in the last month. Each core hour includes up to 6GB of memory. The amount of memory can be increased by using additional cores. Service is contracted directly from CESGA. It has a setup fee of 200€ per company (only the first time you contract a CESGA service), which includes 3 user accounts and up to 600 GB (+200 scratch). Additional user accounts are billed. User can use any free software application or deploy its own licenses, whenever allowed by the corresponding license.

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