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MaxFEM is an open source software to solve electromagnetic problems in a numerical way by using the finite element method. The package brings together under a single interface different modules or applications that can address problems in electrostatics, direct current, magnetostatics, transient magnetics and eddy currents, in two and/or three dimensions and in cartesian and/or cylindrical coordinates.

The user can make internal changes to adapt to his/her needs both the interface and the contained calculus programs. Moreover, the modular structure of the interface permits to incorporate other problems (eg, thermal coupled electromagnetic).

CESGA MaxFEM services allow an easy execution of this open source application. It offers remote model manipulation and visualisation to setup your case and analyse the results, and it is integrated with the queue CESGA system, so you do not care about the commands to submit your simulation jobs. 

Access to the system is enabled by using VPN to guarantee security. Graphical front-end is served in your browser.

Consumption is billed every three months on a pay-per-use mode, based on elapsed core hours, including all the executions ended in the last month. Each core hour includes up to 6GB of memory. The amount of memory can be increased by using additional cores. Service is contracted directly from CESGA. It has a setup fee of 200€ per company (only the first time you contract one CESGA service), which includes 3 user accounts and up to 600 GB (+200 scratch). Additional user accounts are billed. A maximum number of jobs in execution is applied using this service

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