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What Curlo can do in simple words? Remove of page curling artifact that is introduced to images because of the physical properties of the books.

The only current method for page curling correction is based on a projected laser grid that requires each page to be scanned twice. It is therefore a tedious process that slows down the scanning process and requires expensive equipment for the laser projections. The CURLO method is here to decouple the curling correction from the physical scanning and is now served via Fortissimo Marketplace in a cost-effective SaaS model.

Curling correction can be applied efficiently, if book scanning complies with a few simple specifications. These specifications are described as follows:

● The whole book must be contained in the scanned image. No partial scanning of the book or image crops is acceptable.

● The scanned image must have dark (ideally black) background around the book perimeter. The background area over and below the actual book or in the left or right of the book must not be more than 10% than the corresponding image height or width, respectively.

● The left and right book page must be positioned in parallel and over the other book pages (they may exist in the outer sides of each page), as much as possible.

Complying with the above specifications is not strictly necessary, but they facilitate the page curling correction procedure in terms of accurate curve estimation.

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