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For Professional simulation usage, 3 credits will be charged for each form submission.
For Simple simulation usage, 1 credit will be charged for each form submission.
Upon credit acquisition, we will contact you via email to specify the subscription type.

The major improvement addressed by DESAL is the simultaneous optimization of both the desalination system and renewable energy system, along with the tuning of the control system. DESAL addresses the requirements of these coupled phenomena and challenges through a multidomain framework for the proposed simulations. Since renewable energy depends on the weather conditions and water demand profile, yearly simulation is taking place for the optimization procedure/results.

DESAL has great potential in improving the operational efficiency of new and existing RE-Desalination facilities. The degree of improvement can vary, taking into consideration:
● That the solar and wind potential vary heavily from location to location
● That the water demand profile is unique to each application (e.g. can be used for drinking water, water to be fed to a water distribution grid, water for irrigation, water for industrial use etc.)
● The existence and use of an advanced controller for the system
Based on experiments performed during the project we can estimate that the new approach that DESAL offers, can lead to the design of systems featuring a decrease in the water production cost ranging from 5% to over 40% or an increase of produced water from a given system to more than 40%.

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