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Fusion Base

ITACA, Optimus
3.000,00€ / fixed

Base package for small foundries, up to 15,000 tons of cast iron per year.

FUSION provides adaptive, model-based, correction values for base iron: ProService's  customers with ITACA™ Production and Dosing System installed at their site can take advantage of FUSION to store historical production data in a secure location and exploit them to perform adaptive correction on the base iron. Specific machine learning methodologies are applied to historical data in order to create a high-fidelity process model that is used by ITACA to calculate the amount of material to be added in the ladle to reach the target thermal and chemical properties with high accuracy.

By subscribing to FUSION, the customers will be allowed to store its data on the Fortissimo cloud infrastructure for a year and will be granted access to updated process models based on new data for a year, with one update included per working day.

The purchase prices includes one year (250 working days) of daily data gathering and prediction model updates. Accounting will be recorded for every data/model update.

Post-processing Service Access

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