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Gompute HPC on demand for data intensive applications

CPU usage
Abinit, ANSYS, CAESES, Code_Aster, Zeco, EnSight, FDS, GNU Octave, HEEDS, MATLAB, NetBeans, OpenFOAM, Paraview, Scilab, SmokeView, Automotive, XFLOW
Aeronautics , Civil Engineering , Digital , Electrical Engineering , Energy , Health , Manufacturing , Maritime , Other
0,03€ / hour

Terms & Conditions

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Pricing details

Pricing information:

Company account subscription: 150€/month. Includes 1 user account, application repository and 100 GB of storage.
Computing price: Starting from 0.027 €/Core Hour*

*Price for a 3 years commitment.

Note that the application license price is not included. Gompute does not make any profit out of the software licenses.
Additional features on demand. Please contact us for more information.

Burst out your computing power up to thousands of cores on a secure and reliable private HPC service with Broadwell nodes and Omnipath interconnection. With preinstalled applications, license server and a remote desktop exclusive from Gompute.

The hardware specifications for the selected service are the following: 

Node architecture: Broadwell
Node name: Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 @ 2.4 GHz
RAM per core: 9.2
Cores per node: 28
RAM per node: 256GB
Node interconnect: Omnipath

Here are some of the Gompute HPC cloud Features:

  1. True HPC performance: Make the best out of your licenses by using bare metal hardware.
  2. Low latency networking: Get the most out of your runs using Omnipath interconnect.
  3. Technical support: Professional technical support both in hardware and software.
  4. Remote Desktop: Move your workstation to the cloud and couple it with the WAN Accelerator to tackle your latency challenges.
  5. Data transfer: Accelerate your data transfers with state of the art tools from Gompute.
  6. Monitor your activity: Our analytic solution helps your gain insight into your HPC projects.
  7. Access to large capacity: Get access to the required amount of computing power for your project.
  8. Large memory options: Think and run bigger using our different memory options.
  9. Pre-integrated applications: At Gompute, we ensure your application of choice is integrated and ready to run, allowing you to focus on your simulations.

Please register on the link for accessing the service:

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