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High-resolution modelling of magnets and their production

2.270,00€ / fixed

A set of services that allows end-users from magnet, pharmaceutical and ceramic industry to simulate and optimize a 3D model of a pressing tool using FEM analysis and evolutionary algorithms. Buying this product you will get a set of services:

  • A service for accurate yield detection of a single tool
  • Cost optimisation service
  • Optimisation of the pressing tool's strength

All services are accessible through web application with user-friendly interface. The interface enables the end-user to set the parameters of simulation and optimization, such as:

  • characteristics of material
  • diameter of a pressing tool
  • pressing pressure used in simulation
  • geometry parameters

The services will then run a series of simulations of a pressing tool to detect the yielding point under certain load using von Mises yield criterion, while optimizing the thickness of a pressing tool based on characteristics of material.

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