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HPC benchmarking

7.000,00€ / fixed
To purchase follow the instructions below.

CESGA offers a benchmarking service whenever you need to test your applications, or you want to check the performance of your application with a specific dataset. CESGA’s technicians will analyse your problem, will execute all needed jobs, and will produce a detailed report with strong and weak scalabilities, up to 1296 cores in 54 nodes (larger values can be requested at different costs). 

This offer includes:

a. The installation and/or compilation of your software in CESGA Finis Terrae supercomputer. Software must be compatible with Finis Terrae infrastructure, including current available compilers and libraries (except those libraries provided by the software to be tested). You must provide a valid license. Whenever possible you should also provide the source code. Application must support MPI, OpenMP or both parallel methods.

b. Software analysis for the provided datasets and generation of the benchmark planning you must approve.

c. Execution of the application for the provided datasets to make the speed up and efficiency analysis.

d. Production of a final report with the results of your application.

CESGA offers the possibility of a face-to-face meeting at CESGA during phases a.) and d.)  If technicians must travel to customer's premises, additional costs will be charged. This service includes up to 20000 CPU-hours and up to 155 consulting hours to make the analysis, executions and production of the report.

To request a quote or get more information, contact our Transfer department.

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