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HPC service

CPU usage
BIFI Institute for Biocomputation
0,04€ / hour
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BIFI manages different computing infrastructures to deal with most of the problems faced by research and industry (HPC, Cloud computing, Big Data).

HPC infrastructures:

  • CIERZO: 2080 cores Intel 64, 7,31 TB RAM, Iband FDR 56 Gbps, 219 TB storage, 85,9 TFLOPS Rpeak
  • MEMENTO: 3072 cores AMD64, 12 TB RAM, Iband QDR 40 Gbps, 51 TB storage, 25,8 TFLOPS Rpeak
  • TERMINUS; 996 cores Intel 64, 3 TB RAM, GE + Iband, 12 TB storage, 8 TFLOPS Rpeak

Computing services:


  • Remote access (SSH) to login server: User-friendly GNU/Linux environment, easy and fast interaction & I/O from anywhere, set of basic commands to interact with the supercomputer (submit a simulation, check status, retrieve results etc)
  • Account creation (free): 100 GB of storage quota. Software compiling and installation. Training and support on parallelization and debugging
  • Pay per use: price per CPU hour consumed, real time accounting, flexible invoicing)
  • Special requirements (charge): Additional storage quota. High availability of resources. Porting and parallelization (coding)

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