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HPC ship structural assessment

12.500,00€ / fixed
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RamSeries features a full range of 3D element models, including beams, cables, shells, membranes and solid elements, as well as a full support for nonlinear analysis, including nonlinear material laws, and large displacement models. Furthermore, RamSeries offers the latest technology for solving structural dynamics analyses, including robust contact-impact algorithms required for many complex design problems in engineering.

The integration of RamSeries in available CESGA HPC infrastructures allows to perform advanced simulations and to undertake direct strength assessments and specific dynamic analyses of complete and detailed ship models. These types of analyses require more than a week on a desktop system. Using RamSeries with HPC resources reduces significantly the compute time, making this kind of simulations suitable to be integrated in the design cycle processes.

An effective interface allows to connect the end-user and HPC resources, offering a reliable one-stop-shop solution, while keeping the usability and user-friendliness criteria in the same level that running on a local workstation. The aim of this interface is to facilitate to the end-user the access to the CESGA HPC infrastructure ensuring the highest level of security using SSH and to make its experience more comfortable. In this sense, this tool is responsible for the automatic distribution of the calculations in the CESGA HPC infrastructure and further compilation of the results.

CESGA is the centre of computing, high performance communications systems, and advanced services of the Galician Scientific Community, the University academic system, and the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC).

Please note that the sell price shown in the current description is an average reference price. The final sell price of the service will be based on requirements of the analysis and depending on the geometrical dimensions of the vessel/structure. For further information about the RamSeries solution integrated with the CESGA HPC infrastructure, please contact us by email at


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