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Imatia Machine Learning Solutions

Imatia Innovation S.L.
Tensorflow, Machine learning, Angular, Java
Automotive , Data Analytics , Health , Manufacturing , Maritime , Other
85,00€ / hour
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Imatia Innovation S.L. is a software development company which offers products and services to help companies and governments all over the world increase their productivity.

RD&I practices have been a fundamental part of Imatia as well as a basis for the development of new products. Imatia has an extensive expertise developing machine learning solutions to solve industry complex problems. These are some of Artificial Intelligence technologies that Imatia offers:

  • Mono and multi-objective Genetic Algorithms.
  • Big data analysis and data conditioning.
  • Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic.
  • Neural Networks and TensorFlow.
  • Autonomous vehicles and computer vision.

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