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Innovation@CINECA - shared resources

CPU usage
CINECA Consorzio Interuniversitario
ANSYS, StarCCM+, OpenFOAM, Paraview, MATLAB, EnSight, Code_Aster, COMSOL Multiphysics, Scilab, XFLOW, FDS, CAESES, Abinit, GNU Octave, Tensorflow
Aeronautics , Civil Engineering , Digital , Electrical Engineering , Energy , Health , Manufacturing , Maritime , Other
0,06€ / core-hour

Terms & Conditions

CINECA supercomputing facilities Access Policy.pdf
To purchase follow the instructions below.

CINECA enables world-class scientific research by operating and supporting leading-edge supercomputing technologies and by managing a state-of-the-art and effective environment for the different scientific and technical communities.
The SCAI (SuperComputing Applications and Innovation) Department staff offers support and consultancy in tools and techniques and in several domains, such as physics, engineering, material sciences, chemistry.

Innovation@CINECA is the portfolio of services designed for industrial users. 
We offer flexible and easy-to-use access to one of the top EU computing facilities, with a support staff at your disposal to help with usage problems such as compiling codes and running jobs. 
Service is offered in different modalities to meet your needs and expectations. 


The hardware specifications for the selected service are the following: 

Node architecture: Broadwell

Node name: Intel Xeon E5-2697 v4 @2.3GHz 

RAM per core: 4 GB

Cores per node: 36

RAM per node: 128 GB 

Node interconnect: Intel Omnipath

Consult the CINECA website for additional information on the infrastructure and the service.


Pricing information:

Company account subscription: 600 €/year. Includes 4 user account, application repository and 2 TB of storage.

Computing price: starting from 0,06 € per core hour. Minimum purchase: 10.000 core hours

Note that the application license price is not included. The license policy is "bring your own".


Here are some of the Cineca HPC cloud features:

The service here described, "shared resources", is the more flexible modality: a completely pay-per-use, run-at-your-convenience access. There is no reserved part of the machine, but you score a higher priority with respect to non-industrial users, allowing always a fast start of your runs.
 It is ideal for infrequent usage or peak management.  

Service is contracted directly from CINECA. The service includes unlimited user accounts and up to 1 TB of storage (+1 TB scratch). Additional storage may be provided for a fee. Users can use any free software application or deploy its own licenses, whenever allowed by the corresponding license. 
Optional services are available, including the copy of data on a User's Hard Disk.

Consult the CINECA website for a list of already available software. If your favorite software is not on the list, contact us beforehand to check installation possibility.


How to access the service:

To request a quote or get more information, contact our Innovation team.

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