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Bull is a member of the Atos family: a mutually beneficial union, with a strong and exciting future. With the Bull brand, we have new capacities. With 80+ years of technology innovation expertise, Bull is the hub of technology development at the heart of our Business Technologist family, as we compete on a global scale with Tier One companies. Like all of our brands, Bull has a specialized role within Atos, shown in its endorsement: ‘atos technologies’. Our ability to master technology development is consolidated, with an expertise in Big Data and Security. Together, we can embark on cutting edge technology projects that rival the human brain. The Bull brand launches its Exascale project – forging the bridge between HPC, Big Data and Security (including Cyber Security and Missions Critical Systems) to build computers that can process one billion billion operations per second, rivaling the complexity of the human brain.

extreme factory : HPC-as-a-Service from Bull: innovation at your fingertips

Computer simulation has become an essential tool for innovation. But a lack of resources or expertise means many companies and organizations do not have access to an HPC infrastructure. extreme factory is a set of Cloud services combined with HPC expertise that helps these organizations implement their computer simulation applications. Born out of Bull’s unique experience in HPC, extreme factory gives businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, access to made-to-measure supercomputing resources.

In Fortissimo, Bull coordinates and participates in 10 experiments: 409, 410, 411, 416, 502, 504, 511, 513, 609 and 611 where Bull provides HPC expertise, integrates ISVs applications into its HPC-on demand facilities, and provides assistance for the execution and analysis of experiments.

2 new experiments are also active in Fortissimo2: 711 and 712

For further information, please visit http://www.extremefactory.com or send an enquiry to olivier.david@bull.net.