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CESGA is a public foundation with more than 20 years of experience providing computing resources and high-performance communications for research, development and innovation. It is a leading centre in Spain providing computing services and is one of the nodes of the Spanish Supercomputing Network which is recognised as National Scientific-Technical Infrastructures. Its mission is "to contribute to the advancement of Science and Technical Knowledge, by means of research and application of high-performance computing and communications, as well as other information technologies resources, in collaboration with other institutions, for the benefit of society. Since 2004, CESGA has been working on the provision of HPC capabilities and capacities for SMEs, developing several services such as CloudPYME, a cloud-based service for simulation using open-source software which can support the use of modelling and simulation by SMEs. CESGA has concentrated its research and innovation capabilities in three areas: 

  • HPC services for SMEs.
  • HPC for Ocean Sciences.
  • HPC for Health.

With its HPC expertise and as a service provider, CESGA can offer support in the: 

  • Optimization and parallelisation of scientific and technical applications,
  • Design, development and deployment of operational services using HPC, i.e. using HPC resources daily for modelling and simulation under time constraints. An example of this is numerical simulation for weather forecasting,
  • Design and development of SaaS portals which use HPC applications,
  • Execution of complex HPC applications and HTC workloads,
  • Processes modelling,
  • Design and optimization of HPC and Big Data infrastructures for SMEs.


CESGA's infrastructure is constantly evolving (see www.cesga.es). The following table shows the CESGA computational resources allocated to Fortissimo and Fortissimo II:



Cloud Computing service for SMEs:

CloudPYME is a supercomputing infrastructure addressed to SMEs. It offers scientific and technical computing resources to allow the companies to connect to the CESGA infrastructure to test virtual prototypes, simulations, analyses, optimizing processes, etc. in a secure and reliable way. It is possible to try this service free of charge by filling up a web form (http://www.cloudpyme.eu/en/platform/request-platform-demo).


Applications and development tools:

CESGA provides access to more than 100 applications, libraries, and development tools. Current public applications can be consulted on the web page (https://www.cesga.es/en/soporte_usuarios/usr-servicio-computacion/Aplica...). Commercial applications such as VASP or CD-Adapco are available on these systems, but the user must provide the necessary licences to use them.

CESGA is a host centre providing the Fortissimo HPC-Cloud infrastructure. It also provides HPC expertise and develops different kind of applications depending on the requirements of each experiment.  In Fortissimo and Fortissimo2, CESGA participates in twelve experiments:

404 - Improved mechanical design of metal flanges.
501 - Cloud-based HPC platform for maps conversion
503 - Sustainable CLOUD Services for bringing High Performance CASTINg Simulations to the SMEs.
505 - Improved and optimized design of high temperature exhaust gases concentric chimneys.
509 - Experimentation of virtual metrology HPC simulation services for SME production process control in sustainable and competitive camshaft manufacturing.
516 - High performance computing for the metal stamping industry.
517 - Cloud-based optimization platform for reinforcement steel cut industries.
521 - Multi-physics simulation of high temperature superconducting devices.
605 - Cloud-based simulation of the response of marine structures to waves.
606 - Cloud-based simulation of the lifetime of marine structures.
707 - Cloud-based HPC processing of production data to optimise manufacturing processes.
708 - Cloud-based HPC processing for knowledge generation in camshaft manufacture.

For further information, please visit the website www.cesga.es, or send an enquiry to fortissimo@cesga.es.