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Based at The University of Edinburgh (UEDIN), EPCC is a leading European centre of excellence in advanced research, technology transfer and the provision of high-performance computing services to academia and industry.

Our mission statement is:

To accelerate the effective exploitation of novel computing throughout industry, academia and commerce.

We achieve this through a range of activities spanning undergraduate and advanced training programmes, service provision, industrial affiliation, research and contract work. EPCC houses an exceptional range of HPC facilities including the ARCHER UK national supercomputing facilities and Cirrus, a system specifically tailored for industry use.

The ARCHER hardware consists of the Cray XC30 MPP supercomputer, external login nodes and postprocessing nodes, and the associated filesystems. There are 4920 compute nodes in ARCHER phase 2 and each compute node has two 12-core Intel Ivy Bridge series processors giving a total of 118,080 processing cores. Each node has a total of 64 GB of memory with a subset of large memory nodes having 128 GB. A high-performance Lustre storage system is available to all compute nodes. There is no local disk on the compute nodes as they are housed in 4-node blades (the image below shows an XC30 blade with 4 compute nodes).

Cirrus is an SGi ICE XA cluster with 56 compute nodes and Infiniband interconnect. There are 36 cores per node providing 2016 cores in total. Hyperthreading is enabled on each node providing a total of 72 threads per node. Each node has 256GB RAM. Three login nodes, with identical hardware to the compute nodes, are provided for general use. Storage is provided by a single Lustre filesystem with 200TB of disk space.

EPCC has acted as the hosting centre for experiments 406, 407, 508, 512 , 518, 701, and 702.

For further information, please visit www.epcc.ed.ac.uk, or send an enquiry to m.sawyer@epcc.ed.ac.uk.