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Submission Deadline

All submissions must be made by 17:00 Brussels local time, December 7th 2016.


Electronic Submission

Proposal submission is exclusively in electronic form using the proposal submission tool accessed via the link at the end of this page. Proposers are encouraged to submit draft versions in advance of the deadline, which may be updated (replaced) up to the submission deadline.

Proposals must be submitted in English.

Each proposal must comprise 2 parts:

  • Part A containing administrative information and
  • Part B containing the body of the proposal, whose structure is explained below.

Part A of the proposal contains a cover page and a set of tables to provide administrative data, including a tabular list of proposal participants. Only requested information should be included in Part A. Addition of extraneous information such as letters of support etc will result in the proposal being rejected without further evaluation.

The main section of the proposal - Part B - must not exceed 10 pages in length (excluding the Part B cover page). The Part B text should be no smaller than 11 point Arial font. Proposals submitted with a Part B whose length (excluding the cover page) exceeds the 10 page limit will be rejected without further evaluation.

The central component of proposal submission is the uploading of two PDF-documents (whose size must not exceed 5.0 MB) compliant with the proposal content, structure and formatting instructions detailed in the guidelines for proposers, downloadable as a PDF document.

The guidelines for proposers also explain the evaluation criteria to be applied.

It is a requirement that the downloadable proposal exemplars are used: Part A and Part B.

The proposal exemplar document includes, in particular, instructions on budgeting for the use of computing resources and an embedded spread-sheet for budget data.


Additional information:


Access The Fortissimo Proposal Submission Tool