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The Fortissimo Marketplace

Advanced Simulation, Modelling & Data Analytics for Industry

The Fortissimo Marketplace provides one-stop, pay-per-use, on-demand access to advanced simulation, modelling and data analytics resources including software, hardware and expertise. The Marketplace helps to find novel solutions to your challenges, discover new opportunities and brings together all necessary actors to construct the exact solution that meets your business requirements.

Why Fortissimo

On-demand access to advanced simulation and modelling resources

Access to state-of-the-art HPC facilities

Matchmaking services

Access to a Capability register advertising and promoting services

Run simulations in hours rather than days

Access to best-practice guides

What we offer

Buy Solutions

Search in the Service Catalogue and buy just a click away.

Knowledge Database

The Marketplace provides you with Guides, Technical Documents, Tutorials and more.

Domain Experts

The Marketplace provides you with access to Domain Experts in HPC, Simulations, Modelling and Data Analytics.

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As a vendor, you can add your services to the Marketplace Catalogue and promote them...

Fortissimo is a collaborative project that enables European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on High Performance Computing Cloud infrastructure. The project is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and involves 123 partners (74 SMEs) including Manufacuturing Companies, Application Developers, Domain Experts, IT Solution Providers and HPC Cloud Service Providers from 14 countries.  These partners are engaged in 53 experiments (case studies) where business relevant simulations of industrial processes are implemented and evaluated. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme and is part of the I4MS Initiative. 


An outcome of the Fortissimo project is to establish a Fortissimo Marketplace, which will provide SMEs cost-effective access to advanced stimulation and modelling services operating on a Cloud infrastructure of HPC resources, software applications, expertise, and tools.  The Fortissimo Marketplace will offer a self-service of resources (software, hardware and support) to SMEs allowing them to benefit from advanced simulation and modelling service on an HPC Cloud, to improve company competitiveness through the use of the HPC to deliver new or improved products or services.