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Additive Manufacturing is creating huge interest across all industrial sectors, due to its advantages over more traditional manufacturing processes. These advantages include not only the possibility to generate any shape, but also to reduce the number of parts required to obtain that shape. In addition, there is very little waste of material since only what is actually needed is used. This technology is relevant in the manufacture of turbine blades for energy and aero applications. However, components having complex shapes with internal cooling channels that are very challenging from the manufacturing point of view. 
Additive Manufacturing processes have been proven to ensure lower cost, use a wider range of alloys and result in higher mechanical strength. HPE, an Italian SME, is a flexible, agile and innovative provider of engineering solutions and technology to the world’s automotive, motorsport, automation solution and defence sectors. This experiment will demonstrate the use of Cloud-based HPC simulations in Additive Manufacturing. It will result in widely available services for the simulation of Additive Manufacturing easily accessible by SMEs.