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Rikutec is a German SME active in the blow moulding of plastic containers. Its core business is both the manufacture of large installations and the supply of complete turnkey facilities for blow-moulded products. Rikutec’s customers are from the chemical and petrochemical foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors. In these sectors ultra-clean containers are essential in the supply of high purity chemicals. To maintain and extend its leading market position Rikutec needs more reliable and more efficient design methods with faster response times.
Rikutec has already started to work with partners to evaluate the benefits of numerical simulation in blow-moulding. This work will be taken forward in this experiment whose goal is to create a new simulation service which can be used by companies such as Rikutec to develop new products in a shorter time. Rikutec expects that dedicated blow-moulding simulation services on HPC-systems will lead to lower costs, increased product quality and a more efficient development processes.