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Currently, the testing of physical models is considered to be the most appropriate means of assessing the additional resistance experienced by ships’ hulls due to waves. However, physical testing is time consuming and expensive. There is a clear demand for all players in the maritime industry to develop accurate and reliable numerical methods to perform such assessments as a viable alternative to traditional experimental tests. In this respect, the potential savings for a shipbuilding company could be significant by reducing or eliminating the need for experimental models in favour of an HPC-based simulation package to analyse resistance.
Engys is a British SME. It provides software solutions for industry, offering a variety of expert products and services focusing on OpenFOAM libraries for CFD.
The objective of this experiment is to demonstrate the use of cloud-based HPC computing, using Engys’ software, to simulate and analyse the additional hydrodynamic resistance to ships’ hulls due to waves. The feasibility of such simulations will be demonstrated using existing software ported to cloud-based HPC systems.