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Fortissimo Forum 2016

November 30th, 2016, 10am - 5pm
NH Carlton Amsterdam Hotel
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



At the Fortissimo Forum 2016 attendees and Fortissimo partners came together to discuss the usage of cloud-based digital simulation. The 2016 Forum had two main topics:

  • The Fortissimo Marketplace
  • High-Performance Data Analytics

Attendees got an in-depth introduction into the mechanisms of the Fortissimo Marketplace and different business models and functionalities have been presented and demonstrated. For the High-Performance Data Analytics part presentations from inside and outside of the Fortissimo project demonstrated the great potential that lies within this new subject.

The Fortissimo Forum 2016 was concluded by a panel discussion between all speakers of the Forum. The main take-aways from the discussions are:

  • The business potential of the Fortissimo Marketplace is widely acknowledged.
  • The panelists see potential for the Fortissimo Marketplace in exploring new value propositions (e.g. certifications support).
  • Data Analytics applications have not yet reached a maturity level to allow profitable services; however the Fortissimo Marketplace may contribute to the maturity acquisition process publishing success stories to create awareness and market demand.


The detailed agenda for the Fortissimo Forum 2016 can be downloaded here.