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SOUTH Shape Optimisation

Dakota, MIMIC, OpenFOAM
Aeronautics , Civil Engineering , Energy , Manufacturing , Maritime
0,20€ / hour

SOUTH combines the DAKOTA toolkit with shape parametrization techniques provided by mimic in a integrated and user-friendly workflow targeting shape optimization and parameter space exploration through numerical simulation.

Although SOUTH can support any CAE simulation software, at this moment only OpenFOAM and Star-CCM+ are supported. Please contact us if you wish to use SOUTH with a different CAE solver.

SOUTH is designed to work with a minimal and intuitive set of information provided by the end-user

  1. a simulation template as input for the CAE solver together with the objective function
  2. the baseline geometry in .STL or .NAS format
  3. time and budget (in cpu-hours) available for the optimization

​Additionally the user may specify

  1. geometrical constraints for the candidate geometries
  2. constraints on performance indicators calculated through the CAE solver
  3. percentage of the budget to be dedicated to the definition of a surrogate model

SOUTH is deployed on the CINECA Galileo Cluster and supports a two-level parallelization strategy: Each single simulation is performed in parallel and several simulations are run concurrently for a time-efficent execution of the task.  

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