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Cape Horn Engineering was founded in 2007 by Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Azcueta and is currently based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. They have world-class expertise in marine CFD and industrial experience supporting both America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race projects. Their expertise has grown in the America’s Cup environment, which requires rigorous testing and validation to remain competitive at the highest level. Their flow analyses have been proven time and again in a wide variety of marine applications including sailing yachts, power boats, high speed vessels, planing craft, advanced and unconventional hulls, commercial cargo ships and offshore platforms.

Originally founded as a partnership with Argentinian yacht designer Juan Kouyoumdjian, Cape Horn Engineering has three consecutive Volvo Ocean Race wins on its scoreboard:  ABN Amro (2005-06), Ericsson 4 (2008-09) and Groupama (2011-12). Early 2013 this partnership ended and the company was refounded as a British Ltd. with Matteo Ledri as Rodrigo’s new partner.

Cape Horn Engineering is now an integral part of the Land Rover BAR America´s Cup challenge to #BringTheCupHome