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19 October 2016

New Success Story published

Fortissimo published a new success story about the use of cloud-based simulation technologies for additive manufacturing:

Cloud-based Additive Manufacturing

22 September 2016

Two new success stories published

Today, Fortissimo published two new success stories:

21 September 2016

2nd Open Call for Proposals has been launched

Today, the Fortissimo 2 project announced the launch of its 2nd Open Call for proposals. This call for proposals targets the augmentation of the application experiments currently being carried out within Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 focusing on modelling and simulation of coupled physical processe

16 September 2016

New Success Stories published

Recently Fortissimo published four new success stories on this website:

1 August 2016

Evaluation of 2nd Open Call Proposals finished

The evaluation of the over 70 proposals submitted in response to the first open call of Fortissimo 2 has been completed. 10 experiments have been chosen to receive funding and will start November 1st 2016.

20 June 2016

ISC 2016 Conference

Fortissimo has been present at the ISC 2016 Conference in Frankfurt (Germany) at booths of the University of Edinburgh, the University of Stuttgart, Scapos AG, and Intel, where Guy Lonsdale (CEO scapos AG) gave an introduction into the project and an outlook into future developments inside Fortis

18 May 2016

Fortissimo 2 First Open Call closed

The first open call of Fortissimo 2 has been closed. It had been a great success with more than 70 proposal submissions. Evaluation of the proposals will start soon and is expected to finish after the summer 2016.

25 April 2016

Hannover Messe 2016, Hannover, Germany

Several Fortissimo experiment partners from three experiments have demonstrated their achievments and the related business success on a joined booth with many other I4MS partners hosted by the European Commission.

12 April 2016

Gompute User Meeting, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gompute represented Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 throghout the exhibition and the sessions. For more details on this event see here.

11 April 2016

HPC User Forum, Tucson, US.

HLRS has represented Fortissimo and Fortissimo 2 at this meeting with a presentation by Bastian Koller: "HPC and SMEs: The Fortissimo Initiative". See the video of this presentation or download the slides. For more details on this event see here.

7 April 2016

Supercomputing in Engineering, Derby, UK.

Fortissimo has been represented by EPCC within their talk at the event. For more details on this event see here.