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Cloud-based simulation for vehicle engineering


The Challenge

Analysing how air flows around a vehicle is essential to making it faster and more efficient. Physical testing is expensive due to the costs of models and test facilities. Computer simulation removes the need for these, and enables the engineers to make changes to the design more easily. However, simulating airflow with the required degree of accuracy requires computing power beyond the reach of most designers, mainly due to the capital costs of the equipment.


Cloud-based simulation of the binding capacities of target drug compounds

The Challenge

The journey for a drug from invention to market is a long one. It has been estimated that the time required to develop a new drug de novo ranges between 10 and 17 years; that is, if it ever makes it. The chance for a new drug to actually make it to market is only 1:5,000. These slim chances are accompanied by the high cost for developing a new drug, which may reach an average of US$ 403 million. These rising costs threaten to make the development of new drugs increasingly unaffordable for both companies and patients.

The University of Edinburgh

EPCC is a European centre of excellence in advanced research, technology transfer and the provision of high-performance computing services to academia and industry. Based at the University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre, EPCC is the UK's leading centre for high performance computing and data analytics.


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