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Pipistrel Podjetje Za Alternativnoletalstvo Doo Ajdovscina

Pipistrel is a Slovenian SME manufacturer of light aircraft, renowned for innovation, pioneering, performance and efficiency. Pipistrel's main products are one to four-seater single engine piston aircraft. Its main R&D activities are aerodynamics, structures, CAD design, mechanical design, rapid prototyping, electronics design and structural and flight testing.

HPC-Cloud-based simulation of light-aircraft aerodynamics

The Challenge

The challenge facing Pipistrel was to perform simulations of the flow over its aircraft which were sufficiently detailed to model real physical effects accurately. Such simulations require expensive computer resources which are normally beyond the means of an SME. However, the use of Cloud-based HPC offers the possibility of running such simulations on a pay-per-use basis which is financially viable for an SME. The challenge was therefore to demonstrate the feasibility of such an approach.