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Cloud-based simulation of flange tightening

The Challenge

This case study addressed flanged joints that are used for high-pressure and hot gases or liquids. To seal a joint, a gasket is placed inside a groove, which is located on both flanges. During the process of closing and tightening the joint, the gasket and the flanges may suffer damage through deformations and high levels of stress. Even worse, if the closing process is not performed correctly, workers at the plant could suffer serious or fatal accidents accompanied by damage to the surrounding community and the environment.

Cloud-based-HPC optimisation of manufacturing processes


The Challenge

LMD is an additive manufacturing technology that enables the generic 3D printing of large metal parts. Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing sector, as it allows for complex components to be produced with short lead times. However, the lack of sufficent control remains a barrier, as it can result in unnecessary reworking, waste and an increase in 3D printing times. This reduces both profits and efficiency.