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Cloud-based simulation of high-temperature superconducting cables

The Challenge

Starting from the electromagnetic software package, FEMPAR from the ISV CIMNE, the challenge was to develop and implement the capabilities of the code to calculate magnetic, electric and current density fields, mechanical and thermal properties including temperature, stress and strain fields. An important part of this challenge was to compare the calculations from the enhanced FEMPAR with those from commercially tested solvers in order to verify the results obtained.

Improvement of the remote expert system based on software OTEA

The Challenge

Heating and cooling account for a half of the EU's energy demand. In order to fulfil its climate and energy goals, this sector must significantly reduce its energy consumption.

New facilities with a growing number of Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) machines producing huge amounts of data now operate in a regime where Machine Learning (ML) models and statistical techniques may be applied.

Cloud-based estimation of marine freight rates

The Challenge

The logistics chain is an important part of the manufacturing process. Logistics can account for 20% of the final cost of a product for a manufacturing company, and in cases where products need to be shipped by sea, this can rise to 90%. Therefore, finding an optimal transport choice is an important but also complex task. Currently available tools are too slow compared to the fast decision-making times that the process requires, due to the great number of variables that must be considered.