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Are you a Software Solutions Provider or Integrator and looking to expand your customer base? The Fortissimo Marketplace offers you a unique opportunity to promote and sell your services. Join us and benefit from being a Marketplace seller.

Company Details

If your application is successful you will receive a confirmation email to start using the Marketplace. By applying you agree to the Terms & Conditions of use as listed above.

Benefits of Selling with Us

Access to a large community of end user manufacturing SMEs.

Easy & cost-effective service delivery

Fulfillment services such as end-user accounting & billing

Access to resources such as consultancy, expertise & HPC to help build solutions

Access to best-practice guides

Marketing campaigns to reach new users

How does it work?

The Marketplace offers a flexible membership structure aimed to meet your requirements. Simply join us and advertise your service or integrate your services onto the Marketplace to allow for direct selling.






Inclusion in Capability Register  


Resource Library

Best Practice Guide  





Marketplace Consultancy Support  



User Management

Resource usage monitoring  









Service Purchase

User buys service directly  



Billing and Payments handled by MKP  



Service Front-end Development and Hosting

Front-end Development  



Front-end Hosting  



Document Templates

Service Legal Agreements  



Member-member Agreement  



After-sales Support

Customer satisfaction survey  



Fees (subject to VAT)

€1000 annual Membership Fee

€1000 annual Membership fee
+ 15% commission on sales

Based on our success stories list, the Gold membership is widely used by end-user SMEs, domain and software experts, while the Platinum membership is mostly used by ISVs and HPC resource providers. Simply contact our helpdesk to help you decide which membership to choose, based on your requirements.