Ceramicx Ltd.

Ceramicx Ltd.

Ceramicx Ltd is an SME based in the Republic of Ireland, which manufactures industrial infrared heating equipment. The company was set up in 1992 by Frank and Gráinne Wilson, who are now joined by their son, Dr. Cáthál Wilson, as directors.

Almost all of the Ceramicx goods produced are exported worldwide. The company has invested heavily in R&D, automation and new equipment to continue its trajectory of growth both in regards to its core business of element sales and its secondary focus/activity of infrared engineering applications.

Ceramicx core business is the manufacture of infrared heating elements for industrial use. These are composed of ceramic heaters, quartz heaters, and tungsten/halogen tube heaters. Please know that the Ceramicx range of heaters covers all industrial infrared wavelengths, therefore the company is able to select the most suitable type of heater for any application.

As previously mentioned, Ceramicx also has an application engineering section dedicated to building secondary products around its base element family. These items range from industrial and domestic space heating products, to heating platens for thermoforming use, and bespoke heatwork solutions for large companies across various economic sectors globally.

The key production expertise of Ceramicx includes:

  • Expert design and volume manufacture of ceramic components both slip casting and pressed parts
  • Professional structural and sheet metalwork capability, including aluminium, stainless, mild and aluminised steels
  • Expert ability in instrumentation and electrical control systems
  • State of the art thermal research and development facilities, including radiative and infrared heat transfer
  • Ability to analyse customer materials and processes and work in partnership to determine heat work solutions for improved products and efficiency from food, plastics, composites, glass and oil sands.
  • Ceramicx have experience in the thermal behaviour of many material and processes including the application of infrared technology to drying, bonding, melting, curing forming and many other processes.