Progesi S.p.A.

Progesi S.p.A.

Progesi SPA is a private Italian company that operates in the Information Technology sincel 1979.

Its main office is in Rome , but also has offices in Milano, Genova e Taranto.

Since January 2006 is part of BV TECH SpA,a group entirely Italian born in 1995 on the initiative of theChief Executive, Ing. Raffaele Boccardo.

Progesi develops quality products and cutting-edge and provides cost-effective solutions for their customers, constantly making use of essential elements such as knowledge of the processes and business models, technology, reliability, innovation. Progesi invests in continuous development and improvement of methodologies and knowledge and boasts solid technological expertise and applications that are the basis of innovation and competitiveness.

Progesi has classified areas for in house development of systems which require a high degree of security.

Every year Progesi SpAinvests a significant part of its budget for research and development of innovative solutions within its remit. This commitment constantly is aimed at the development of new products and, at the same time, of know-how on specific sectors.
Our laboratories are also acquired and analysed emerging technologies to assess the effectiveness of their introduction in the specific areas where Progesi is operating. This research has led Progesi to be one of the first companies, in the context of the Defense industry, to propose solutions based on touchscreen technology, through the study of"gestures" that are applicable specifically in the military.

All these experiences, together with the continuous updating of professionals who make up the company, combine to make Progesi an ideal environment for the growth and development ofyoung graduates of the IT sector.

The research and development of Progesi has developed collaborations with research institutions for the realization of prototypes pre-competitive within:

• Distributed databases
• Server networks security
• Federated database
• Multi-layer images georeferenced management
• Image processing

A clear example of such activities are the CBD and CAMMEO projects, developed in collaboration with the University and Filas funds for the Lazio Region.