Dinak, S.A.

Dinak, S.A.

DINAK is one of Europe's leading manufacturers' of self standing chimneys and modular metallic flues in the industrial and building sectors.

We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of domestic and industrial modular chimneys, self standing chimneys, alongside general ventilation towers

Innovation, quality, service and adaptation are the key words of our daily work: we develop our product portfolio innovating and trying to satisfy all market segments, from the simplest domestic installation to the more complex industrial installation. We offer global solutions at a competitive price, with the assurance of quality, integrated support and advice service to our partners.

Our product specialisation and commitment to quality are connected to our institutional presence: we actively promote the norms in our industry by taking part in various Standardisation bodies such as the European Committee for Standardisation of Metal Chimneys Standards (whose President is our CEO), the Spanish Association of Chimney Manufacturers (AFECH) and the European Chimney Association (ECA).


http:// www.dinak.com