Vasco Gallega Sociedad de Cartera

Vasco Gallega Sociedad de Cartera

With the aim of bringing forward an unique and pioneered logistics, they have evolved their R&D way of doing things, from being a departamental concept to becoming their core business, involving everyone at Kaleido. Only in this way they can identify and develop talent, ideas and the best solutions, in a efficient and agile way, in this way offeri their clients an added value to their business

Kaleido’s innovation is based on the concept of Open Innovation, focused on clients which seek a new way of building relationships.

This innovation is based on:

Innovation Sales
High impact innovation Projects development
Development of their own Open Innovation Ecosystem

The above mentioned activities allows them to develop this strategy generating products and services from the basic idea up to it’s commercialization, solving logistic problems or shortages while increasing efficiency.