Elaphe ltd.
Teslova 30
1000 Ljubljana

W: www.in-wheel.com

The Elaphe team has been pioneering in-wheel technology for the better part of the last 3 decades. We develop and produce the widest range of in-wheel motors for passenger cars, public transportation, recreational and special purpose vehicles. Elaphe motors boast highest torque to weight ratio on the market, resulting in playful character of the vehicle and very cost efficient production.

But we’ve taken this pioneering technology to a new level - it is now considered the ultimate full in-wheel powertrain platform for future concepts of mobility - be it autonomous, shared, connected and user-focused.

Combining output of over 1500 Nm by squeezing the max out of every kilo of active material and torque vectoring on each wheel, Elaphe motors set new standards in performance and substantially increase safety and traction to provide unlimited opportunities for different characters of stability control system.